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iFleet Finance

Choose the funding option that's right for you

iFleet Ltd can offer the full suite of funding options for the acquisition of your chosen asset, whether it is best for your business to acquire the asset:

  • off balance sheet
  • on balance sheet
  • to own the asset at the end
  • to have a purchase option
  • to be able to share in the sale value of the vehicle
  • to be able to extend the finance at minimal expense

On all the funding options, it is possible to match the finance to iFleet Ltd's full Maintenance & Repair and/or iFleet Management agreements, which includes Contract Hire.

By selecting any of the finance options listed on the left hand side of this page, you can find a fuller explanation of the different terms.

iFleet Ltd strongly recommend that you get the advice of your Finance Director or Accountant, especially with regard as to whether ‘on’ or ‘off’ balance sheet should be your preferred option.