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Vehicle Procurement

allow experts to advise and manage all your vehicle acquisition requirements

Commercial vehicles are complex assets and many companies do not have specific expertise within their workforce to feel entirely comfortable when faced with the need to establish the correct vehicle requirements for their forthcoming business needs, then to establish the best manufacturer to meet those business needs in their geographical locations, and to complete the specification of chassis, bodywork and ancillary equipment.

Then there is the job of comparing costs, establishing lead times and bodybuild times, matching and marrying these dates and then managing the process through to delivery whilst keeping all parties informed and ensuring that any variables are communicated immediately and necessary adjustments made.

iFleet Ltd performs all these tasks as part of the standard service for companies who are having their vehicles supplied by us, but there are companies that may wish to avail themselves of this service as a standalone product. iFleet Ltd can assist with specification, manufacturer comparison, cost comparison and acquisition management on a simple fee basis.