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Maintenance & Repair


R&M contracts are widely used in the automotive industry, with more than 50% of commercial vehicles less than 5 years old having an R&M contract in place.  The confusion comes when customers believe that by signing up to an R&M contract they are doing any more than fixing an element of their in-life vehicle costs. In addition, R&M on the chassis is one thing, but does the customer have R&M on the body and any ancillary equipment as well?

The reality is that the customer is still left to manage its vehicles in terms of legal, operational and commercial requirements. This means managing the relationship with the manufacturers’ dealer network, potentially across a number of geographical locations.

iFleet Ltd offers Maintenance & Repair as a stand-alone product, where it combines the fixed cost nature of an R&M contract with the exacting services of iFleet Management, which truly allows the customer to outsource its maintenance risk and vehicle management needs.

Of course, within every product, iFleet Ltd discusses with the customer which of the  operational services options should be included in the rental based upon customer needs, so as to tailor the package and rental rate to meet the requirements.