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Relief Vehicle


It is not an absolute certainty that including a Relief Vehicle as one of the operational services provided by iFleet Ltd is the right thing for every customer. It will depend very much upon the size of the fleet in question, the type of vehicle (how specialised it is) and the time sensitivity of the load. iFleet Ltd believes in a totally open assessment of this requirement in order to ensure the customer selects the most appropriate solution for its particular operation.

Should the customer have opted for this provision, then at the point that a Relief Vehicle is required (normally after the contractual vehicle has been ‘off the road’ for 24hrs) a suitable vehicle will be made available from the most convenient location possible by one of iFleet Ltd's approved rental vehicle suppliers. Proof of insurance is vital in order to minimise any delays in providing the relief vehicle, therefore iFleet Ltd will maintain a log of the customer’s insurance details on an annual basis.