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Telematics is an exceptionally powerful tool that can monitor and report on vehicle location, vehicle mileages, engine on/off times, driver behaviour (speed/braking) as well as fuel usage, vehicle performance and more. Indeed, the most sophisticated telematics systems can allow for preventative action to be taken prior to mechanical failure, saving downtime and potentially reducing repair bills. However, unless the operator is set up with sufficient administrative support to manage this information and to instigate appropriate action, it can prove to be just too much.

iFleet Ltd fully recognises the benefits that can be gained from telematics and therefore has decided to embrace the technology in a manner that truly benefits the majority of operators rather than the few. By utilising the appropriate information provided in real time by telematic technology, iFleet Ltd can enhance the quality provision of the operational services for which it is responsible, and can also improve the accuracy and timeliness of the administrative duties covered by iFleet Management.

Therefore, in the routine course of its duties, iFleet Ltd is taking responsibility for a proportion of the information available through telematics. This allows the customer to decide whether it can see the benefit of asking iFleet Ltd to manage some of the remaining functions for them, or indeed to do so itself.